Change Management

Communications and outreach are critical components of any successful organization. Iberia’s Change Management Framework provides a high-impact, customizable approach. We help our customers provide reliable and timely information to a vast number of agency staff, overseers, and stakeholders through a three-phased approach described below.

Assessment & Analysis

Our teams always start with the end in mind. We evaluate existing process, communications and procedures in order to leverage existing strategies and infrastructures that accelerate the implementation of successful change management solutions.

Plan & Design Solutions

Planning and design activities will be informed using analytical data and insights gained from the Assessment & Analysis phase. We then design customized change management approaches to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Execute & Sustain Solutions

We support the development and delivery of data visualization tools, templates, aids, etc. to enable leaders to quickly absorb information and sustain business improvements. Additionally, we facilitate the end-to-end transformation of an organization throughout its journey toward, including planning, training, and communications efforts designed to ease transition to new processes, procedures, controls, reporting, etc.