Core Capabilities

Iberia partners with federal agencies along its core capabilities including Audit Response & Remediation, Project Management & Training, Independent Verification & Validation, Internal Controls & Enterprise Risk Management, Change Management & Strategic Communications, Acquisitions Support, Data Strategy & Governance, Business Process Reengineering, and Programming, Planning, Budgeting, & Execution.

We deliver smooth transitions, efficiency, optimized workflows, and stakeholder engagement while remaining dedicated to quality and compliance.

Audit Response and Remediation

Iberia Advisory swiftly addresses audit findings, conducting thorough analyses and implementing corrective actions to ensure compliance and prevent recurrence. We collaborate closely with clients with a risk-based, long-term focus to build resilient processes and controls that will stand the test of time and enhance our clients audit posture including overall readiness and a culture of continuous improvement.

Project Management & Training

Iberia Advisory leads successful initiatives through Project Management and Training. We manage project lifecycles, coordinate resources, and provide tailored training programs to ensure project success and enhanced team capabilities, which equip federal agencies to conquer complex project challenges.

Independent Verification & Validation

Iberia Advisory conducts rigorous testing and thorough system checks through Independent Verification and Validation. We perform comprehensive system audits, validate performance against specifications, and verify adherence to regulatory standards and mission requirements. This bolsters user confidence, fortifies technological resilience, and supports federal agencies in maintaining robust and reliable systems.

Internal Controls & Enterprise Risk Management

Iberia Advisory implements robust Internal Controls and Enterprise Risk Management strategies by designing control frameworks, conducting comprehensive risk assessments, and developing strategic mitigation plans. This strengthens financial integrity, ensures regulatory compliance, and enables federal agencies to manage risks effectively while achieving mission-critical objectives.

Change Management and Strategic Communications

Iberia Advisory spearheads key messaging for organizational transformations through Change Management and Strategic Communications. We manage change initiatives, mitigate resistance, foster a culture of adaptability, and enhance communication strategies. This bolsters stakeholder engagement, aligns teams with strategic goals, and propels federal agencies to achieve mission-critical objectives.

Acquisition Support

Iberia Advisory streamlines procurement by managing the end-to-end acquisition processes, from requirement analysis to contract closeout, through Acquisitions Support. We ensure contract compliance, maintain clear visibility to budgetary requirements, and provide contract execution support. This optimizes procurement efficiency, ensures value for money, and supports federal agencies in securing strategic acquisitions.

Data Strategy & Governance

Iberia Advisory orchestrates data integration, quality control, and security protocols through Data Strategy and Governance. We optimize data integrity, insights, and compliance to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency for federal agencies to deliver superior public service.

Business Process Reengineering

Iberia Advisory analyzes existing processes, identifies bottlenecks, and redesigns workflows to revolutionize operational efficiency through Business Process Reengineering. Our partnership directly translates into productivity gains, reduced costs, and enhanced service delivery which propel federal agencies to new heights of operational excellence.

Programming, Planning, Budget, & Execution

Iberia Advisory provides extensive support for the DoD's PPBE functions by aiding program directors in drafting POM guidance, crafting issue papers, prioritizing resources, defending budget exhibits, and strategizing execution plans, including obligations, expenditures, and contract closeout.