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Contract Vehicles


Contract number:  47QRAA23D005E

Contract period: 4/3/2023-4/2/2028

Business Size: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Iberia Advisory is a Prime Contractor on the GSA MAS contract, which provides agencies with access to our data analytics, change management, audit support, and financial management expertise. We are able to provide professional services under the following GSA MAS Special Item Numbers (SINs):

541611: Management and Financial Consulting
541219: Budget and Financial Management Services

DON Financial Operations & Transformation Services Small Business IDIQ

Solicitation Number: N0018924DZ031

Contract period: 7/1/2024-6/30/2029

The scope of activities under this contract are limited to the sustainment and transformation of the Department of the Navy’s (DON’s) financial management (FM) operations with the goal of making the DON a premier institution and career destination. The DON has established an aggressive vision in support of its mission and warfighters that is aligned with the Department of Defense FM Strategy FY22-26 and the Secretary of the Navy’s strategic guidance.

This vision comprises modern Enterprise Resource Planning systems using standardized processes safeguarded by internal controls grounded in an informed assessment of risk; a transparent budget executed with fiscal discipline; accurate and timely financial and logistics data, enabling informed leadership decisions; and an inspired, dedicated, and challenged FM workforce.


DON Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management and Comptroller Financial Operations Remediation Support

Iberia Role: Prime
Contract Number: N0018924FZ158
Period of Performance: 2/1/2024-7/31/2026
Iberia provides comprehensive assistance and expertise to ensure the efficient management and execution of critical initiatives under the OASN (FM&C) Secretariat Comptroller and Resources Department (SCRD) and Office of Financial Operations (FMO). These programs include the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019, Contract Debt Deferment, Barring Act Waivers, Military Banking, Card Programs and Delinquent Payment Management Support, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Bill, and Internal Controls.
Relevant Capabilities: Audit Response & Remediation | Data Strategy & Governance | Internal Controls & Enterprise Risk Management | Independent Verification & Validation | Project Management & Training | Change Management & Strategic Communications

Securities and Exchange Commission Office of Financial Management Information Technology Internal Control Support

Iberia Role: Prime
Contract Number: 50310224F0043
Period of Performance: 4/1/24 – 3/31/25

Iberia fortifies internal controls and financial systems at SEC OFM with a methodology encompassing risk-based control assessments, root cause analyses and corrective action plan (CAP) development, and drafting of IT General Controls reports. Our methodology emphasizes seamless communication, proactive issue resolution, and strict adherence to project timelines. By employing rigorous quality control mechanisms and fostering robust stakeholder engagement, Iberia safeguards full regulatory compliance while fostering a culture of continuous enhancement within SEC OFM’s operational framework.
Relevant Capabilities: Internal Controls & Enterprise Risk Management

U.S. Coast Guard Business Process Standardization

Iberia Role: Prime
Contract Number: 70Z02323F84000002
Period of Performance: 9/26/2023 – 5/25/2024

Iberia standardizes accounting processes relevant to the USCG Financial Systems Modernization Solution (FSMS) financial management system in order to enhance efficiency and transparency across USCG’s financial operations. We map current (“As-Is”) and future (“To-Be”) processes, offering expert insights and solutions for a smooth transition. Our focus areas include budget formulation, procurement, cost management, funds balance, travel, inventory, bill-to-collect, property management, record-to-report, hire-to-retire, reimbursable management, and business intelligence reporting.


Relevant Capabilities: Business Process Reengineering

Requirements Analysis, Program Analysis, Program Management and Business & Audit Support Services

Iberia Role: Sub
Contract Number: 70RCSJ23C00000020
Period of Performance: 9/29/2023 – 9/28/2024

Iberia provides comprehensive support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), encompassing contract requirements analysis, pre and post-award acquisition, as well as business and audit analysis. This support entails various aspects, including tracking OCIO COR contractors for onboarding and offboarding, processing FY24 Purchase Request requirements packages, strategic IT program planning for OCIO IT projects, and financial management assistance. The financial management support extends to mission data analysis, visualization of performance metrics through dashboards and reporting, and strategic planning initiatives.


Relevant Capabilities: Acquisition Support

FIAR Support & Remediation

Iberia Role: Subcontractor
Contract Number: HQ0034-19-A-0006
Period of Performance: 6/20/2022 – 5/14/2024

Iberia plays a vital role in bolstering the Information Technology (IT) general controls for key Foreign Military Sales (FMS) systems within the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), such as DSAMS, MISIL, and CISIL. This support encompasses several crucial tasks, including facilitating stakeholder coordination through the development and implementation of Corrective Action Plans (CAP), ensuring compliance with Federal Identity Credential and Access Management (FICAM) requirements for existing IT systems, and assessing the effectiveness of completed CAP milestones while implementing robust and sustainable change management processes.


Relevant Capabilities: Internal Controls and Risk Management

Advana Technology Synchronization of Business Operations


Iberia Role: Subcontractor
Contract Number: A39367
Period of Performance: 10/10/2023 – 3/6/2026

The contract provides cutting edge techniques and technologies in data engineering, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) operations, data visualization and cloud computing to support the platform’s exponential growth. This supports our nation’s defense leadership in moving closer to information dominance by having access to real-time, high quality, decision-grade data from across the enterprise.


Relevant Capabilities: Data Strategy and Governance.

Army General Fund Audit Support


Iberia Role: Subcontractor
Contract Number: W91CRB18F0238
Period of Performance: 9/21/2018 – 6/30/2024

The contract provides congressionally mandated audit infrastructure for the Army’s annual general fund financial statements audit. The scope of work includes developing and implementing solutions to address gaps in the Army’s business processes related to financial management as well as monitoring and validating corrective actions taken by the Army to improve financial reporting.


Relevant Capabilities: Audit Response & Remediation | Internal Controls & Enterprise Risk Management