Data Analytics

Data Analytics enables real-time, actionable decision-making by deriving intelligent insights from an organization’s raw data. The results are powerful: better planning, integration, and execution for our clients to achieve their objectives. Iberia offers a wide range of data analytics solutions that can accelerate our clients’ transitions to becoming data-driven organizations.

Business Intelligence & Visualization

We leverage sophisticated tools (Tableau, Python, etc.) and methodologies to understand more quickly and in greater detail what has happened and what the impacts may mean for the future including areas such as budget execution analysis and cash management.

Program Analysis & Evaluation

We conduct independent studies of a program’s cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit or alternatives to provide objective, evidence-based advice to leadership on determining priorities, allocating resources and managing performance. We support on-going operational decisions including portfolio optimization, service demand forecasting, and personnel allocation.

Cost Modeling & Estimation

We transform disparate operational and cost data into useful information through analysis and visualization thereby improving resource decisions. Our practical cost models answer critical questions with minimal complexity to reduce the burden of operation and maintenance.